Staffed Hours

The gym is staffed during classes. Refer to our schedule. All Members have 24-hour access through key fob entry You may purchase membership and get information about our programs at CrossFit Grandview located at 880 Kinnear Road Columbus Ohio

Class Protocol

If you are a member of CrossFit Grandview or Grandview XBarbell you must sign into class, using Wodify and reserve your spot. The schedule of classes is listed below. Grandview Barbell Classes are free with reservation of your spot for all CrossFit Grandview and Grandview Barbell for the Opening Month of September! There are classes size limits for all classes at Grandview Barbell check availability on the schedule before attending. Email our contact box with any questions you may have on our classes or how to sign-up! 


Before dropping in you must fill out a waiver online first Wavier Link

*If you are dropping in you must come a minimum of 15 minutes before start time to pay through cash or credit card (Visa or MasterCard)

Power Hour– Strength classes built around powerlifting! If you want to increase your size and strength this is the class for you! No metcons in this class just an hour of coached and pushed powerlifting with accessory work!

Power Hour Express- Is a half hour class focused on accessory work is designed to help you gain strength, and break through plateaus! This class is a fantastic stand-alone class but also acts as a great supplement to CrossFit training or our REV classes! 

REV- Grandview Barbell REV classes are designed to do one thing get you ripped up! These hour-long classes consisting of interval C2 rowing, Assault bikes, Woodway Treadmill running, blended with strength training utilizing dumbbells, kettlebells, and barbells will push you to you limits for 60 straight minutes! You won’t want to miss this class!