Columbus’s Most Unique Training Experience

We’ve created a private gym that gives you access to incredible small group training + a private 24-hour access gym



Grandview Barbell is a first of its kind innovation in the health club industry! A 24-hour access gym loaded with Rogue Barbells, dumbbells, squat racks, jerk blocks, C2 rowers, Assault bikes, pull-up bars and everything you need for a hard no nonsense workout!

I developed the concept of Grandview Barbell behind the idea of offering my clients at CrossFit Grandview more! When I graduated college I trained at a small key card access gym called the Muscle Factory. I loved the accessibility and freedom to train anytime. During this period, I began working as a trainer and noticed many of my clients had multiple gym memberships so that they had access to training at their convenience. The problem was the gyms they went to didn’t have the equipment or set-up for them to Olympic lift, squat, use chalk, or perform WOD’s without awkwardness or significantly modifying the workout. I began to think there was a need for an easily accessible gym with real equipment that was convenient for people to get to and train on their schedule.

Grandview Barbell was an idea I was sitting on until earlier this year when I saw a post on my Facebook feed. The post asked if anyone knew of a 24-hour facility that you could Olympic Lift. I knew right then with the fitness game-changing there was a need for a facility like this in the heart of Columbus.

If you’re an athlete, Olympic weightlifter, or just someone who is serious about training Grandview Barbell is a facility will fit your unique need to train without regard to a schedule!

Brandon CoudenOwner of Grandview Barbell


If you are a current member of CrossFit Grandview you can simply upgrade your membership at the Athletes’ Corner to include access to Grandview Barbell for 35$ per month. You may cancel this add-on at any time.

Non-CrossFit Grandview members are welcome to join if they meet a few requirements

  • Previous membership at a CrossFit Affiliate with 3 or more months experience
  • Previous experience Olympic weightlifting and or weight training with the ability to demonstrate competency in the use of the equipment (i.e. Former college athletes, recreational lifters with experience and ability to demonstrate proper technique.
  • Prospective members may require additional training at their own cost before being giving access to the facility.

Non-CrossFit Grandview members can sign-up or get further information by using the contact box on this site or stopping by CrossFit Grandview during staffed hours. You may request a tour at your convenience through our contact box!

15.00 Drop-in for Non-Members
Classes are free for all Grandview Barbell members.

Day Pass- 15.00
Drop-in see class schedule for instructions on how to reserve your spot for class!


125.00 per Month – Unlimited Classes / 24 HR Access

* Plus additional 20$ deposit on key faub returnable upon cancellation and returned key faub

* Cancel anytime no fees or penalties


90.00 per Month – 24 HR Access

* Plus additional 20$ deposit on key faub returnable upon cancellation and returned key faub

* Cancel anytime no fees or penalties